you always lose something in the move

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you always lose something in the move
By: Sundai Johnson
Published by: Colour Bloc Creativ

you always lose something in the move: a collection, is an exploration of the movement to, and within, a new space and environment and a commentary on the transitions that occur there. The poems included in the collection were written within a year’s time, following the author’s relocation to California.

There are a total of seven poems to signify completion. The poems are preoccupied with themes of uncertainty, love- ache, notions of consciousness, and social exchange that emerge from contact with new bodies and spaces. However, these themes are not explicit​ ​as the individual poems invite readers to bring with them​ ​their own experiences of movement and transition​​.

The poems are dated as indication of their fruition over the span of the year. Readers may take note of the absence of time between the second-to-last and last poem of the collection. This reflects a period within the year of increased self-care, and underscores moments of silence and reflection. The work is intended as a commemoration of seasons of growth and transformation.

Illustrations are by New York artist, tarah douglas.
you always lose something in the move, is Sundai Johnson's first work in- print.