ABOUT F.A.B.U. (For All By Us) Books & Editions

F.A.B.U. (For All By Us) Books & Editions

Artists + Contributors:

Hilton Als:

Hilton is a writer and critic. He is an Associate Professor of Writing at Columbia University and a Staff Writer and Theater Critic for The New Yorker Magazine.

His publication After Dark is a self-published broad sheet named after a wonderful old tacky show biz seventies rag that would feature one photo a month with text on the back. After Dark has been in production since 2016. Every issue includes a photograph on the front and a text on the back. Photographers and writers vary with every issue.

Justin Chance:
Justin is an artist living and working in New York. He is the co-founder of The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space & Seismic Research

Dominica is an imprint dedicated to exploring blackness as a topic, reference, marker, and audience in visual culture.

Anaïs Duplan:

Anaïs Duplan is a trans* poet, curator, and artist. He is the author of a forthcoming book of essays on black art and creativity, Blackspace (Black Ocean, 2019), a full-length poetry collection, Take This Stallion (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016), and a chapbook, Mount Carmel and the Blood of Parnassus (Monster House Press, 2017). His writing has been published by Hyperallergic, PBS News Hour, the Academy of American Poets, Poetry Society of America, and the Bettering American Poetry anthology.

Duplan is the founding curator for the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, an artist residency program for artists of color, based in Iowa City. As an independent curator, he has facilitated artist projects in Chicago, Boston, Santa Fe, and Reykjavík. Duplan’s video and performance work has been shown at Flux Factory, Daata Editions, the 13th Baltic Triennial in Lithuania, Mathew Gallery, NeueHouse, the Paseo Project, and will be exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art in L.A in 2020.  He was a 2017-2019 joint Public Programs Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art and the Studio Museum in Harlem. He now works as Program Manger at Recess.

Homie House Press:
Homie House Press is a skeleton bones crew of femmes creating + publishing in the foto book medium. We are photographers + book makers + educators holding space for and with QTPOC artists + other underrepresented communities. We are a playground where fotos become books, a safe space for secret stories and an open house for honest content. Find us migrating through the in between, the world wide web, and al otro lado del charco.

Little Mountain Press:
Little Mountain Press is an art and illustration independent press from New York and Shenzhen, China. The press established in the summer of 2018 by the illustrator duo Xiao Mei and Mountain Dog. Little Mountain Press published most zines and prints in risograph. As a duo, we love bright colors and not afraid to express our sexuality and our Chinese identity. Our mission is to transform boredom into joy and challenge people's perception through print media. 

Ulises is a bookshop and curatorial platform dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications. Ulises invites contributors to present publications, workshops, lectures, artworks, and collaborations to explore the relationship between publics and publications. The name Ulises is a tribute to the work and legacy of Ulises Carrión, a Mexican-born poet and conceptualist who was an early pioneer and theorist of the artist’s book, and the founder of the Amsterdam based bookshop Other Books and So (1975–78).

Pacific is a New York-based publisher highlighting contemporary art through artist publications, facsimiles, zines and editions. Pacific studio works closely with galleries, institutions and art-focused organizations to design and produce artist books, catalogues, monographs, as well as identities and print ephemera surrounding exhibitions and programs. www.pacificpacific.pub

B&D Press:
B&D Press is a micropress from Montreal. We publish art zines and art books.
Olear is an olfactory studio creating botanical scents and aromatic experiences in response to memory, place, and affective possibilities.  Dedicated to sharing our appreciation for the healing potential of plants, Olear formulates small-batch and hand-blended botanical scents using organic, wild-harvested, and sustainable plant material.  We aim to make the act of scenting and smelling ourselves and our spaces, intimate, ritualistic, and introspective– more of a whisper than a shout.  Our name was chosen to honor the importance of the moon’s influence on the changing of tides and emotions. Our scents support individuals in taking a moment, to recognize and embrace change.

All Olear products are free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, additives, and stabilizers.

Damon Davis:
Damon Davis is a multi-media artist, musician and filmmaker based in St. Louis, Missouri. 

My practice is part therapy, part social commentary. I work across a spectrum of creative mediums to tell stories. These stories range in topic and scope. I have found in my recent years, I have been making art to empower the disenfranchised and powerless, and to combat the systematic oppression that plagues our world today. My work is rooted in the Black American experience because that is my experience. My work as of late is about how identity is informed by mythology and story. I use mythology to create conversation around how we see our selves and others.  I have created work that brings people together and fortifies the souls of the people in the most pain and the most struggle. 

Darker Gods is an expensive work that deifies different aspects and ideas around Black culture. By examining both troupes and black cultural norms, we can start to deconstruct the mythologies that make us and from there, creating new ones that reflect us and the world around us.

Apogee Journal:
Apogee is a journal of literature and art that engages with identity politics, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and intersectional identities. We are a biannual publication featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Our goals are twofold: to publish fresh work that interrogates the status quo, and to provide a platform for underrepresented voices, prioritizing artists and writers of color.

The word “apogee” denotes the point in an object’s orbit that is farthest from the center. Our mission combines literary aesthetic with political activism. We believe that by elevating underrepresented literary voices we can effect real change: change in readers’ attitudes, change in writers’ positions in literature, and broader change in society.

Lambe Culo:
Lambe Culo is a lyfestyle brand with items ranging in art, jewelry, and clothing, to name a few. As a Xicanx (or Mexican-American) brand, Lambe Culo looks to subvert/queer ideas and perceptions associated with cultural objects (neo-rasquache). By reflecting, in part, growing up on this side of the border, traditions, and ancestral knowledge, I hope that it triggers remembrance of our rich culture pre and post colonization. I hope that it also projects a new way of "seeing", that we are constantly dismantling oppressive systems, learning, growing, and transforming. Not only to other Xican@/x, but also to be visible to other people/cultures whom it shares space within the US.

Black Chalk & Co:
Founded in 2015, Black Chalk & Co. is a creative agency bringing together writers, artists, designers, academics, and technologists with a mutual interest in publishing, curating conversations and exhibitions, and facilitating teaching residencies. What animates all these activities is the effort to engender a new culture and new forms of publishing and creative production. Our work has led to a run of synchronized events, screenings, and public talks. The founding partners, Tinashe Mushakavanhu and Nontsikelelo Mutiti, operate between Harare, Zimbabwe and Richmond, Virgina.

Naima Green:
Naima Green is a Brooklyn-based artist and educator currently living in Mexico City. Her work is rooted in archiving and notions of placemaking that center black and queer communities. Formally, her artistic investigations manifest as a synthesis of photography, text, weaving, and photo-performance. She holds an MFA from ICP-Bard, an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA from Barnard College. Green presented two solo exhibitions in 2018—All the black language and A Collective Utterance. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at MASS MoCA, International Center of Photography, Houston Center for Photography, Bronx Museum, BRIC, Arsenal Gallery, and Macy Gallery. Green has been an artist-in-residence at MASS MoCA, Bronx Museum, Vermont Studio Center, and she is a recipient of the Myers Art Prize at Columbia University. Her artist books are collected by MoMA Library and International Center of Photography Library.

Sundai Johnson:

I once said that I like tomatoes because they complicate our understanding of what a fruit is. I think this to be most of my life's work--agitating and, subsequently, defying assumptions.

While I'm wary of tying my work to a too-tight description, it is preoccupied mostly with moments that reveal these complexities. Concerning itself also with intersections of historical and socio-cultural structures that might manifest within identity. Mediums such as poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction are podiums of this work, yet concept-based project work and creative direction are 'newcomer' explorations.

I have work published in The Michigan DailyThe Periphery, Chicago Literati, and Black Girl In Om, and most recently Flaunt Magazine. In 2017, I published my first complete work in-print-- a chapbook entitled, you always lose something in the move. A complete list of my published work can be found here.  

I seek for my work to exist simultaneously, as an outward form of introspection and a tool for [self] advocacy.  In my continued growth as a writer and creative, I seek also to heed the voice of my work that screams for my skin to break in defiance--like that of a tomato.

Cassandra Press:

CASSANDRA is a publishing project by Taylor DoranKandis Williams, and Jordan Nassar, producing lo-fi activist and academic texts, flyers, posters, pamphlets and readers, in hopes of spreading ideas and sharing perspectives, promoting dialogue, and inspiring further and wider-spread political and social activism.

Coloured Publishing:
Coloured Publishing is an LA-based publisher of art books, zines, prints, and more, founded by artist Devin Troy Strother and designer Yuri Ogita. We make shit you wanna keep.

Yusuf Hassan:
Black Boogaloo by Yusuf Hassan is a tribute to the poet & playwright Larry P. Neal this document consist of archival writings, poems collected original & sourced material from my personal archives.

Essence Harden + Jiharry Terry + Meg Fransee:

Essence Harden is a Ph.D. Candidate, independent curator, writer, and artist. Essence has curated exhibitions at Charlie James Gallery, California African American Museum (CAAM), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), The Advocate and Gochis Galleries, and Residency Art Gallery (Inglewood). Their arts writing has appeared in LALA, Performa Magazine, and SFAQ: International Arts and Culture. Essence is a recipient of The 2018 Creative Capital, Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Program Grant.

Essence graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in History and received their Master of Arts from the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley. Essence is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley.

Jihaari is a music producer, DJ, and visual artist.

Meg Fransee and Aaron Gonzalez run Floss Editions which is a risograph printing and publishing house based in Oakland, CA.

unbag is an arts & politics publication and community arts organization based in New York.

Ife Olujobi:
Ife Olujobi is the Founder and Editor of TOWNIES, 
a zine cataloging the lived experiences, stories, and imaginations of PoC and LGBTQIA+ folks // who have a relationship to suburban, rural, and small town parts of America and other world regions // including but not limited to ones that have culturally and politically been associated with and claimed by whiteness, bigotry, conservatism, etc. This is a new vision. On the fringes, in the heartland, we are here too.

HAT_LINE is a clothing & accessories project by about language, founded in 2016 by  Marcel Rosa-Salas & Isabel Flower. Each season we focus on a selection of words and/or phrases. We work in small batches using only New York-based material suppliers and embroiderers.

Passenger Pigeon Press:
Passenger Pigeon Press is a an independent press started by artist Tammy Nguyen. We aim to address geopolitics, science, and identity through visual art and writing. We house Martha’s Quarterly, Collaborations, Public Domain, and custom projects.


We are a group of self-identifying South East/East Asian women and non-binary people living within a European context. We have created this zine as a platform for Asian voices that are so often underrepresented and undervalued in mainstream political and feminist discourse. We believe in empowering each other through highlighting the collective frustrations and nuances of our intersectional experiences as a starting point for building a wider platform of solidarity. We aim to share our opinions, celebrate our creativity and build up a stronger collective voice for South East/East Asians.

daikon* is run collaboratively by:
Jade Chao
Hanna Stephens
Kay Stephens
Jemma Paek
Jess Routley
Bella Normark
Jun Pang


EBO CLUB™ pairs up artists with designer brand names and the rest is history.

Each new fashion house features limited edition t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies, and more. 

Mario Ayala for SUPREME

FriendsWithYou for LACOSTE

Sayre Gomez for NAUTICA



KunleIRAK™ for FILA

Joey LaBeija & Christian Velasquez for ROCAWEAR

Urbyn Michaels for CROSS COLOURS

Peter Paquin for THE NORTH FACE



Devin Troy Strother for NIKE

Kandis Williams for TOMMY HILFIGER

Zadie Xa with Benito Mayor Vallejo for BABY PHAT

Moon Mother Apothecary
Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Moon Mother, is an AfroDominican herbalist, artist, and community organizer. She is an apprentice to Master Herbalist, Karen Rose, and continues in the legacy of Sacred Vibes Apothecary, rooted in the art & practice of spiritual herbalism. In 2018, she founded Moon Mother Apothecary, a platform through which she is able to share heart-centered, moon-powered medicines created in the traditional wisdom and knowledge of her ancestors. She is living + loving in Brooklyn with her wife and their baby girl, Luna.